10 Facts Odoo ERP is Best to Use

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A lot of people have heard about Odoo ERP framework, contributing to its popularity. But what exactly makes Odoo ERP the best choice of business management tool for small, medium, or large companies?

Here are the top 10 reasons that make Odoo ERP the best business management tool for small, medium, or large companies.

1. Odoo ERP is an integrated rich-featured business management tool

It does everything for most common business needs. It covers all kinds of business processes. Sales, point of sales, warehouse and inventory management, procurement, purchase, material requirement planning, production, accounting, finance, human resource processes, payroll, field service, customer support, and they are all fully integrated seamlessly.
Once the salesperson enters a sales order from a customer, all related subsequent processes will have the required information automatically. Users don’t need to re-enter the same information. Odoo ERP provides all the relevant information and document.
• Delivery information and document
• Item need to purchase or to produce
• Purchase order or production order document
• Billing document
• Invoice document
• Payment to make
• Payment to receive
• Bank entries to reconcile
• Accounting entries
All users will use the time efficiently to control and effectively reduce human error.

2. Odoo ERP is modular, light-weight, scalable

You can select to implement only Odoo ERP features that you need. It makes you avoid unuseful burden. You can add the other feature straight away next time when the business needs it.

Odoo ERP performs well on serving millions of transactions per second and with huge concurrent users. In other situations, Odoo ERP runs smoothly on a simple computer hardware as well. For a small number of transactions or a small number of concurrent users, The Odoo application and Postgresql database server can run on the same machine.

Odoo ERP can serve any transaction load by adjusting the hardware specification and or scale the deployment architecture. You can choose the right fit. You don’t need to buy an Airbus need for high investment and operating costs when the load is not that big.

3. Odoo ERP is user friendly, easy to use, and beautiful in the user interface

I Dare to say, Odoo ERP is FUN and LOVELY to use. The user interface is modern and beautiful. You can get up and running successfully after one or two short training sessions from our BCC consulting team or your implementation partner.

It takes you just two days of training if you are a new user, but you feel it like 30 minutes only. Odoo ERP UI is very intuitive and fun. The design and the placement of everything is sleek and logic. You don’t have to learn and remember how to use it, simply click on what you need to do then select or fill with the right information.

BCC consulting expert will do the heavy lifting on configuration and set-up for advanced options, to suit your business requirements. The configuration options are in a separate section.

You are not to worry about the configuration of Odoo ERP. As your implementation partner, BCC Consulting will guide and train your technical person.

4. Odoo ERP make you run the business from anywhere

Odoo ERP is a web-based business management tool. You can perform the business management task from everywhere securely with it.

No more delay on any process just because the person to approve is away from the office. Enter sale order in real-time at the point you receive it, or during sale visit to the customer site. Your finance can review and check relevant documents, validate bills or invoices, monitor cash, and bank balances, authorize payments from anywhere easily.

Of course, the security of your Odoo ERP is important. Odoo ERP has advanced access control put in place, making sure your data is secure. Securing your deployment server, internet connection, and your firewall rule are examples of the importance of your implementation partner.

BCC consulting ensures the security of your Odoo ERP live transactions and sets the access control rule for each user according to their role and permission.

5. Odoo ERP is suitable and affordable for companies of all sizes.

Companies of any scale can benefit from Odoo ERP, from a company with a single employee to a multinational corporation.

Odoo ERP implementation cost is affordable for any company. From companies with only one employee to companies with thousands of employees. To use Odoo ERP is simple too, even a single person can operate all functions when it needs so. These flexibilities are not available when you use another ERP system, to name a few: SAP, MS-Dynamics, Net-Suite.

Odoo ERP is proven to be successful serve large enterprises very well when the implementation and deployment architecture is correct. The secret for successful implementation is the proper implementation partner.

6. Odoo ERP is an open-source-based core.

Everybody can access the source code of Odoo ERP easily. It is open-source. People can learn, develop to extend, or build skills. This is the advantage of Odoo ERP as open-source software.

You have plenty of options to choose a company or provider to help you with Odoo ERP. Odoo ERP has enterprise features from modules that are not open-source. But such enterprise-version modules use the same community version core code that open source. People use the community version of Odoo ERP can have features like those on the enterprise because they can build those themselves.

7. Odoo ERP has a great community

It is easy to find useful resources on the internet for help from the Odoo ERP community. Users, developers, or consultants are available and willing to help. Issue that you may have likely already had the solution in the community.

Odoo ERP is open for everybody to access and learn. Therefore Odoo ERP implementation provider is growing too. You always have options for quality services to help you at a competitive cost. The vendor or provider can never lock you and charge you cost irrationally.

8. Odoo ERP is easy to extend when new features or new applications are needed

Odoo ERP already has a huge feature that can cover the common needs of business processes, to name a few:
• sale operation
• inventory
• procurement
• purchase
• manufacturing
• accounting and finance
• human resource management
• payroll
• field services
• project
• website and e-commerce,
• point of sale

You can build more features you need as well as easily. When you don’t have a technical person capable to develop your custom feature, you can find third-party developers.

9. Odoo ERP is free, no need to pay a license fee

You don’t need to pay any license fee with the Odoo ERP community version. The license or subscription fee is for the Odoo ERP enterprise version only.

The community version of Odoo ERP may have fewer features compared to its enterprise version, but still powerful.

Users can fulfill their needed features by using available community modules or develop their modules to have the same functionality as the enterprise version.

Odoo ERP uses the open-source technology as well to name a few,
• Postgresql database server
• Python
• Nginx
• Apache
• Javascript library
The combination make Odoo ERP is free.

10. Odoo ERP development is evolving very fast

Odoo ERP has been continuously showing a rapid development cycle. Bring improvement quickly in terms of features, user experience, and performance.

The official development team releases a new major version of Odoo ERP for new features, code enhancement, and higher speed performance while maintaining existing and previous versions.

This fast product evolution proves the development team behind the Odoo ERP is big, strong and agile, and tons of contribution from the community as well. It is a warranty that Odoo ERP is not obsolete but growing and enhancing.

Is Odoo ERP the best solution for everyone?

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, but I would have to say Odoo ERP is the best and closest one out there. A large part of this is because it is simple to use, covers all business needs, and scalable.

I would have to say that Odoo ERP is the best business management tool for small, medium, or large company mature aside.

Odoo is very simple to use, and it can cover all your business needs. Without Odoo ERP, You need to buy different software for every need. It will cost a lot of money, hard to manage, costly to integrate.

On the management software market, you will find

Products with great usability and a modern interface that users love but those products only cover one need or department, where integrating several of them is a real pain or

Poor user interface traditional ERPs products like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite

What’s unique about Odoo is that it offers the best of the two worlds.

To make a long story short, Odoo ERP is the only software on the market that is super easy to use, powerful, and cheap.

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